Information Design | Original Unverpackt


This is an information design I made for Original Unverpackt – a Berlin based supermarket, where one can buy foods, cosmetics, snacks and sweets, spirits, cleaning supplies and a lot of useful household goods – ALL unpacked. With this Idea the founders want to call attention to the masses of packaging waste, that is produced by our society and of course they have the goal to reduce this amount of waste. This information design shows the life cycle assessment (LCA) of original unverpackt's products. For this case it was important to show not only the products, that had good results, but also where there where optimization potentials – so that ou can learn from it and can provide much more sustainable products in the future. The information design shows the products like they are sold in the store. Most of the goods offered for sale are stored in large containers and can be decanted in smaller, reusable containers the customer can either bring from home or that can be purchased in the store.

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